Safety Net

In a challenging budgetary environment, Representative Drew Hansen, in close consultation with Kitsap County human services advocates, successfully maintained some of the most critical safety net programs for Kitsap County’s most vulnerable citizens. Representative Hansen’s legislative accomplishments in preserving the safety net include:

  • Successfully advocating for full funding for the Community Services Block Grant, which Kitsap Community Resources and other community agencies use to fund social services such as homeless assistance that would not otherwise receive state funding
  • Successfully advocating for the restoration of nearly $159 million in proposed cuts to critical health care and safety net programs, including the Basic Health Plan, Disability Lifeline, Mental Health Care (Medicaid and Non-Medicaid), Chemical Dependency Services, and Adult Day Health
  • Supporting a document recording surcharge in order to fund services that help local homeless children and families
  • Supporting paid sick leave so that parents are able to stay home because of illness (their own or a family member’s) without fear of losing their jobs
  • Supporting legislation to help children convicted of firearms offenses (and their families) get access to evidence-based support and services so they can redirect their lives
  • Supporting a budget that provided funding for 5,000 new slots for services for developmentally disabled persons to shrink the “no paid services” wait list
  • Supporting legislation to give people with developmental disabilities more opportunities to benefit from employment and community access services.
  • Supporting legislation that modifies the Foreclosure Fairness Act of 2011 to improve the foreclosure mediation program so homeowners in crisis are able to keep their homes