In the media

Kitsap Sun Endorses Drew!

The Kitsap Sun has endorsed Drew, writing: “Hansen is a talented and thoughtful legislator, less interested in politics than he is in good decision-making and progress” You can read the entire endorsement editorial here.


Seattle Times Endorses Drew!

The Seattle Times gave Drew a strong endorsement, writing: “Hansen has reached across the aisle to pass meaningful bills to create jobs, improve STEM education and fix various problems caused by derelict vessels.” You can read the entire endorsement editorial here.


Bainbridge Island Review Endorses Drew!

The Bainbridge Island Review has endorsed Drew for re-election, writing: “Hansen worked with Republican counterparts to expand computer science education, which will help the region’s high-tech businesses; on legislation to get derelict and abandoned vessels out of our waters, protecting our environment and marine businesses such as fisheries; and other legislation to help veterans get into college courses and help small businesses work with community colleges to train their workers. In this term, Gov. Inslee signed eight of his bills into law.” You can read the entire endorsement editorial here.

Hansen’s Jobs Bills Win Bipartisan Praise

“Because of this bill, students will be prepared for good jobs.” Republican Senator Bruce Dammeier, on Hansen’s technology jobs bill (quoted in North Kitsap Herald, Apr. 19, 2013)

“This is a good jobs bill that will help our small businesses train their employees and save money in the process.” Republican Senator Barbara Bailey, on Hansen’s small business jobs bill (quoted in North Kitsap Herald, Apr. 19, 2013)

“I actually love this bill. We talk about the achievement gap and the opportunity gap, and here is a great opportunity to narrow both.” Rep. Chad Magendanz (R-Issaquah), supporting Hansen’s bill to improve college opportunities for low-income students (quoted in Bainbridge Island Review, Feb. 15, 2014)

“We need to keep our Puget Sound . . . as pristine as possible and I believe this legislation gets us there.” Republican Senator Kirk Pearson, on Hansen’s marine jobs bill (quoted in North Kitsap Herald, Apr. 19, 2013)


Newspapers Across Washington Support Hansen’s Jobs Bills

The editorial boards of the Tacoma News Tribune, Spokane Spokesman-Review, and Seattle Times called on the Legislature to enact Hansen’s jobs bills, HB 1472 (helping students train for jobs in the technology industry) and HB 1245 (protecting the shellfish and recreation industries from derelict vessels). You can read the editorials here, here and here.

As the North Kitsap Herald wrote: “Hansen successfully pushed a bill to protect jobs in the marine industries by strengthening the state’s derelict vessel program.” (North Kitsap Herald, Mar. 2, 2014).  The Kitsap Sun wrote that Hansen’s marine jobs bill “has strong bipartisan support” (Kitsap Sun, Feb. 17, 2013), and the Tacoma News Tribune wrote that Hansen’s bill “will save taxpayer money” (Tacoma News Tribune, Mar. 20, 2013)


“Hansen Bills Helping Veterans Headed Into Law”

“Military veterans would get help in pursuing higher education and, when needed, in making ends meet, under two bills by Rep. Drew Hansen that are on their way to the governor.” (Kitsap Sun, Apr. 12, 2013)


Hansen Technology Jobs Bill Gains Statewide Support from Business, Media, and Republicans.

Hansen’s technology jobs bill “won overwhelming bipartisan support” (North Kitsap Herald, Apr. 19, 2013)

“This new law represents an important step forward for our kids and for the technology competitiveness of Washington state.” Microsoft General Counsel Brad Smith, on Hansen’s technology jobs bill (Bainbridge Island Review, May 14, 2013)

The Seattle Times called Hansen’s technology jobs bill one of the Legislature’s “key education reforms.” (Seattle Times editorial, Apr. 25, 2013)


Elsewhere in the media:

“Hansen Is Getting Results” (Bainbridge Island Review editorial, June 2, 2013)

“Rep. Hansen sponsors amendment to keep ferry service intact through 2015” (Bainbridge Island Review, Mar. 7, 2012)

“Hansen bill to boost college opportunity signed by Gov. Inslee” (Bainbridge Island Review, Apr. 8, 2014)

“House OKs Hansen education bills to enhance college opportunity, choices” (Bainbridge Island Review, Feb. 15, 2014)

“Washington’s Bipartisan Opportunities” (Kitsap Sun Op-Ed by Representative Hansen, Feb. 3, 2014)