Washington State Moves Toward Free and Reduced College Tuition, With Businesses Footing the Bill

Washington State lawmakers have taken a major step toward offering free or reduced college tuition using funds from businesses there, including Amazon and Microsoft, in a move that is being applauded by policy analysts for its innovation and reach.

In most cases, people who have lived in the state for at least a year would qualify, as long as the purpose of relocating was not to attend college.

The fund would also apportion about $200 million for community colleges, public four-year colleges and universities, and apprenticeships, according to State Representative Drew Hansen, a Democrat who sponsored the bill.

“It’s a game changer for the state,” said Michael Meotti, the executive director of the Washington Student Achievement Council, a state agency that focuses on education.


Mr. Hansen said there had been “a lot of talk about free colleges,” especially by politicians.

“This is not free college as an empty slogan,” he said. “This is free college that is real, and funded by a dedicated revenue source, which I think is unusual.”


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